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I knew I needed something else in my life, something was missing. It’s hard to explain exactly how I felt, but with one short visit to a massage therapist my life changed from that day on.

Fast-forward and I now have at least one massage a month. I’ve qualified as a massage therapist, and I preach the good word about the positive effects massage has had on my life, and how it can help other people.

I do still have the occasional migraines, I think for those who suffer with migraines it’s almost certainly going to be a part of their lives. But I can honestly say that my migraines have reduced to as little as once a month. Considering I would have one at least once a week before having relaxing massages, that’s a great result.

Massage is well-known to help reduce the effects of stress. I would recommend anyone feeling stressed makes the trip to their nearest spa and book a relaxing session.

Massage really opened up my eyes to a whole new world of alternative medicines and treatments. I started looking at some of the other techniques that are used, the oils, and deeper, more meaningful reasons for all of the mentioned.

Massage therapy doesn’t just have health benefits, there are a lot of mental benefits too. Being able to focus better means you can be a more productive you. It sharpens you mind, helps your memory, and gives you that ‘pep’ in your step you see with some people.

This is something I really thought was worth mentioning. Confidence comes hand-in-hand with a lot of the other benefits I’ve mentioned above, and really is a strong underlying factor for how much my overall health has improved.

Having made such a positive impact on my life I can’t speak highly enough of what massage therapy can do. Don’t just take my word for it however, book yourself a therapy session and see for yourself!